Class descriptions



STEP / BOOTCAMP: Challenge your heart rate with a mix of step patterns and low to high intensity bursts of exercise to take you to the next level. The format will vary week-to-week (sometimes including Tabata) to “keep you on your toes. One hour you will not want to miss!

SPIN: A challenging, dynamic, and fun class that incorporates various drills on a stationary bike. Taught to great music, indoor cycling is an excellent physical workout and can burn between 350-800 calories in one hour. 

20/20/20:  A total body work-out, this class includes 20 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning alternating between the step and skipping intervals, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of core and ab conditioning.

TURBO TABATA An incredibly popular and fun format, Tabata is based on an 8 set/20 seconds high intensity interval format, burning calories galore.  Simple yet intense, this full body workout flies by because of the motivating music, complete with bells and whistles to take you all the way through to the end.

BOSU BLAST: This workout uses the versatile and highly effective fitness tool (the BOSU) to challenge balance and core while also providing a high energy “sweat factor” by including challenging cardio and strength training throughout.

CARDIO STEP CHALLENGE: A 60 minute high energy choreographed cardio class performed on an adjustable platform; followed by an abdominal workout and stretch. Different levels of intensity are provided to ensure everyone gets the most out of their step workout.

POWER ON: A 60 minute class that alternates between 30 minutes of Spin and 30 minutes of strength including hand weights, bars, and bands.

HIIT HOPP PARTY: This class will rev up your metabolic system with a workout designed to work the entire body with drills, jumps and pumps in a circuit-based format using equipment such as skipping ropes, BOSU balls, ropes, weights and body weight movements.

HIIT CARDIO CRUSH: High intensity training where you will be work your body through drills and circuits. The variation makes sure you get the most out of your workout by switching it up on your body every time. This class provides challenge and variety, yet suitable for all fitness levels.

STEP AND SCULPT:  This class includes a heart-pumping step aerobics routines combine with strength training intervals to give you a complete cardio and weights workout. This is an excellent cross-training class for all skill and fitness levels.

HIIT STRENGTH: Our unique strength focused high intensity interval class engages the entire body and will have you push harder than you thought you could. This class is done in a circuit style and combines different strength equipment.

YOLATES CHILL SESSION: Start your day off right with this yoga and Pilates-based stretch class.  You will move through a series of gentle dynamic and static flexibility exercises, aimed at achieving greater suppleness, circulation, and relaxation.